The NEW Curling Alberta

Another event to add to the curling history books in Alberta occurred on July 30th, 2018!

This is the date that saw the province’s current four curling governing bodies come together to form the new Curling Alberta organization.

This incorporation date was completed ahead of schedule and the new board and staff at Curling Alberta are already hard at work developing its new identity and logo which was just unveiled this fall. The vision of Curling Alberta is to be recognized as the leader in governing and growing the sport of curling in Alberta. Their strategic priorities include:

  • Supporting Clubs and Curlers – It is critical the new organization works to strengthen the viability of clubs and promote curling.
  • Financial Viability – It is critical the new organization achieve financial sustainability.
  • Sponsors and Partners – It is critical the new organization utilizes the provincial status to strengthen relationships.
  • Governance – It is critical the new organization function with a strong and effective board.
  • Communication – It is critical the new organization ensures clubs, curlers and stakeholders understand the advantages of the new structure.
  • Managing Data – It is critical the new organization ensures accurate and timely data and information to manage the business effectively.

A sincere thank you is owed to all volunteers and staff from all over the province that made this possible. Without your contributions and hard work through the years, this new organization would not be starting on such a strong foundation.

Taken from the SNAP Committee Update Newsletter, Volume 5 (

October 12, 2018
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