President’s Message

Welcome to the 2018/19 Curling Season at the Rose City Curling Club (RCCC). On behalf of our Board of Directors, I am pleased to welcome everyone back and look forward to another year of great curling and comradery.

There are many changes this year at the club. We have a new logo, a new website and as well, we have created a new position – ‘Program Coordinator’. The mandate of this position is to:

  • Promote the RCCC and CACS (Camrose Academy of Curling Society) to schools, businesses and other possible organizations or groups
  • Develop programming to support this promotion – Learn to Curl Clinics, Rookie Leagues, Drop in sessions, family league, fun league, corporate league, doubles league etc. (These ‘leagues’ may be inclusive of each other)
  • Develop programming to support a possible Central Alberta Junior Interclub
  • Coordinate coaches and volunteers involved in the new programming

Part of this endeavor will be a discovery phase to evaluate the opportunities for curling promotion in the community. This began on July 2nd. Promotion will involve:

  • a reworking of our two websites and other promotional materials
  • taking over operations of the academy; it will continue to run as it has in the past with the help of some additional promotion to local schools

The Program Coordinator will introduce the new programming on a gradual basis to ensure proper positioning is maintained for each. Priority would be given to Junior and grassroots initiatives.

Another big change for this year will be the introduction of the five-rock Free Guard Zone (FGZ) rule. More information about this can be found on our website or Curling Canada at

We hosted two registration nights on September 26th and 27th at the RCCC upstairs lounge to welcome back all our current members and greet any new curlers to the club. If you missed out attending one of these nights, you can still register by giving us a phone call and leaving a message or you can try our new online registration system. Our online registration system for our curling leagues and bonspiels was created by Curling Canada and is called Curling I/O. Everyone is encouraged to register using this system and at the present time, we will be happy to accept your payment in person by either cash, cheque or debit/credit card.  We are working toward having the ability to pay online in the near future. If you require assistance with your registration, please send us an email at or use the Contact Us form and we will be happy to help you out.

As our new slogan states, “Come play at our house!”  It’s going to be an exciting year. Hope to see you there!

Darren McDermott
President, Rose City Curling Club