Curling Canada and Curling Alberta Membership Fees

Did you know that the Rose City Curling Club pays an annual membership fee on your behalf to both Curling Alberta and Curling Canada? 

Curling Alberta’s membership rates for the 2018-2019 season are based on population so for a community with a population under 20,000, we pay $80 per sheet of ice. So for 9 sheets of ice, we will need to submit $720 to Curling Alberta.

Curling Canada has an Individual Membership Fee which is $2 per member. A member, according to Curling Canada’s definition, is –  anyone enrolled as a curling club member, as defined by that club, for at least one half of a curling season. Rental league members are excluded. For the Rose City Curling Club, we pay membership fees for any of our members enrolled in either a full season or half season league as well as the curlers who pay per game to curl in the Adult Afternoon Drop-In League. This $2 membership fee is required only once a year by each member regardless of the number of curling clubs or curling leagues a curler has membership in. For example, if a person curls in two leagues in Camrose as well as one league in Viking and is defined to be a curling club member at each of those curling clubs, the membership fee to Curling Canada should only be submitted once for that year.

The registration system that the Rose City Curling Club has implemented is programmed to identify multiple curling club registrations so that the $2 membership fee is only calculated once per year. Though your registration fee to the Rose City Curling Club did not specifically identify the Curling Canada registration fee that we pay on your behalf, this will change next year so that when you register for a curling league online, the program will show the Curling Canada fee before you check out to make payment.

Curling Canada recognizes that their definition of a curling club member does not perfectly reflect the diverse business models of Alberta’s clubs and facilities, and that a manageable solution to ensure that players who have memberships with multiple clubs do not pay more than once has been a challenge. However, it is important to note that this definition has resulted from an evolving debate and is primarily aimed to satisfy Curling Canada’s reporting requirements to Sport Canada and to be consistent across the country.

Click on the link below to have a look at the benefits of being a Curling Alberta member:

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