Rental Information

The Rose City Curling Club welcomes renters at their facility

We encourage groups to consider renting our facility when looking for a place to host an event for friends, families or co-workers. The following information is provided to help ensure both a fun and safe experience.

What to Wear

  • Stretchy pants for a comfortable delivery
  • Layered clothing to stay warm
  • Clean indoor shoes that are flat and soft-soled (preferably a rubber sole for extra grip)

Basic Safety & Operational Rules

  1. Shoes can be cleaned further by using the boot cleaner before entering the ice area.
  2. Do not lift rocks off the ice. This is unsafe and often results in damage to the ice.
  3. Avoid throwing rocks to the other end without someone there to catch them.
  4. Use discretion when throwing rocks. Super heavy shots are dangerous to others.
  5. Avoid running on the ice at any time.
  6. Return the rocks, sliders, and brooms to their original spots at the end of the game.
  7. Juniors under the age of 14 are recommended to wear helmets.


  • Brooms and sliders are available at the club for use during the event.
  • New curlers should use a ‘step on’ method when using a slider and not attach a slider to their foot. Sliders should also not be worn at any time other than while delivering a rock if you are a new curler.


  • Rental groups are not permitted to bring alcohol into the ice area under any circumstance. 
  • Zero tolerance is enforced for this policy.

All rental groups are required to communicate the above requirements
to all of the people attending their event.


Facility and Ice Rental Rates

(prices subject to change)

Prepared Ice
1/2 hour practice
1 hour practice
$   5.00+GST per player
$10.00+GST per player
Non-Prepared Ice
All members
Non-members 1/2 hour practice
Non-members 1 hour practice
No charge
$ 5.00+GST per player
$10.00+GST per player
Over 1 hour (1 game) $80.00+GST/sheet for non-members; $60.00+GST/sheet for members
Rink Rental $900.00+GST per day includes:

  • one 30-minute optional introduction to curling lesson
  • lounge access before, during and after your event (volunteer bartenders and a fully stocked bar within the licensed hours of operation will be provided on request)
  • brooms and sliders for use during the event
Lounge Rental $100.00+GST per event (volunteer bartenders and a fully stocked bar within the licensed hours of operation will be provided on request)