Wednesday Social League

The Social League is a fun, relaxed way to get some exercise while enjoying the company of others.
We play 6 ends (or less 🙂 and the league is non-competitive.. meaning,
we might keep score but we don’t keep track. LOL
Everyone can curl in this league, young or old, amateur or experienced.
And if you’re not on a team, we’ll do our best to get you playing.
Check us out, call Sarah, our manager at (780) 672-4152 for more information.
Everyone makes their ‘Shot’ in the Social League!
(they curl pretty good, too)
Team Vision Credit Union
Team Hauck
See Wendy Blaeser-Johns for your chance at the ‘Shot’ Broom 🙂

If you can’t make a scheduled game, please contact the Manager and the Skip of the other team to reschedule the game.