Be a Volunteer

The Rose City Curling Club depends on the support and dedication of its members to help keep the curling club alive. As we look to the future, it will be “all hands on deck” to help sustain our curling community.

Current Volunteer Opportunities

October 18, 19 & 20
Welcome Week Events
Volunteer Task A variety of volunteer roles are available. Please see Sarah or Heather for more information and to sign up.
If you are interested in any volunteer opportunities, please send us a note using our Contact Us form or sign up on the Volunteer Opportunities bulletin board at the club. Check back here for future volunteer opportunities.

As in the past, we have a Volunteer Fee for $100 that is payable at the start of the season with a postdated cheque for March 31, 2020. The cheque is returned to you once you have completed your volunteer commitment.

The list below are some of the volunteer options available to help you decide where you would like to spend your volunteer hours. This list is not exhaustive and we welcome other volunteering ideas if you have them:

  • Junior Curling
Share your curling knowledge and skill with our youth in the Little Rocker or Camrose Academy of Curling programs
  • Bonspiels/Social Events
Join our Member Services or Programming Teams to help organize and run club events while sharing new and creative ideas that will make the club environment a fun experience
  • Recruitment
Keep our club alive for years to come by promoting club membership in new and innovative ways
  • Skills Development
If you are a seasoned curler, mentor your fellow curlers in learning more about the sport
  • Bar/Kitchen Duties
Lend a hand tending bar or helping with banquet duties for small amounts of time and socialize with others in the process
  • Website/Social Media
Have a knack for getting people’s attention? Share your talent by letting others know what’s happening at the curling club
  • Ice Maintenance
Team up with our icemaker in grooming the ice to keep our ice surface one of the best
  • Fundraising
Join our Fundraising Team to explore ideas internally and externally that will help generate the funds needed to support club projects
  • Board of Directors
Commit a few hours once a month to attend club meetings and be one of the decision makers for what happens at the club today and in the future
  • Other
Got another idea for volunteering? Let us know

All curlers are invited to help out as a volunteer. Talk to the Club Manager to confirm the volunteer duty you are interested in or send us a note with your comments through the form found on the Contact Us page.