Curlers Needed

My husband and I were looking for another couple to curl with a few years ago after the couple we had been curling with were no longer available. We let the club know and they were able to find another couple for us and we have been the best of friends ever since.
– Lisa, Rose City Curling Club member


Individuals Looking for a Team (includes curlers on the spare list)
Curler Name Phone Number Position preferred League preferred
1.   Doug Burton Call the club Looking for a team or to start a team as skip or third Spare any position for the Super League or Tuesday
Men’s/Women’s League
2.   Lisa Borman Call the club Spare (any position) Tuesday Men’s/Women’s
Wednesday Social
Thursday Open Team
3.   Andrew McIntosh Call the club Spare Thursday Open Team
4.   Jennifer Hauck Call the club Spare (lead or second) Thursday Open Team
5.   Emmarie Brown Call the club Wednesday Social


Teams Looking for Individuals
Curler Name Phone Number Position  League