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The Rose City Curling Club will promote youth, family and healthy competition in the spirit of fun and good curling.

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By filling out this form, you agree to the release of your contact information including email address to the Rose City Curling Club Manager and Program Coordinator for the purposes of keeping you informed of club events and affairs. You acknowledge you may unsubscribe from Rose City Curling Club emails at any time by notifying the manager or program coordinator.

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Please select which leagues you want to register for from the table below. In order to register for a league, you must check the "Register" box and then fill out your prefered position and team name. You may also select the "Spare" checkbox if you are registering as a spare.

Once you register for your selected leagues they will be listed at the bottom of the page. Confirm your selections and click on the "Register" button. You will then be taken to the payment page where you can pay for your registrations using PayPal.

Register Day League Cost Prefered Position Team Name Spare
Monday Super League $150.00 CAD
Tuesday Seniors Afternoon $150.00 CAD
Tuesday Mens & Womens Evening $300.00 CAD
Wednesday Corporate Team Challenge $285.00 CAD
Wednesday Open Fun/Family Evening $285.00 CAD
Wednesday Mixed Doubles Evening $285.00 CAD
Thursday Seniors Afternoon $150.00 CAD
Friday Corporate Team Challenge $285.00 CAD
Friday Open Fun/Family Evening $285.00 CAD
Friday Mixed Doubles Evening $285.00 CAD
Sunday Corporate Team Challenge $285.00 CAD
Sunday Open Fun/Family Evening $285.00 CAD


Please read this waiver regarding liability:

I understand and agree that there is a risk of injury when participating in any physical activity including curling. I acknowledge that curling is an ice sport and there is a risk that I may fall while on the ice or elsewhere on club property and injure myself. I further acknowledge that unless I keep my personal belongings with me at all times while I am at the Rose City Curling Club, there is a risk that they will be lost or stolen. In making application for registration and club membership, I accept these risks willingly and I hereby release the Rose City Curling Club, Board of Directors, management, volunteers, sponsors and advertisers from any liability for any loss of personal property or injury or illness incurred while on the ice or while on any part of the premises.

I also give my permission for the free use of my name and picture in broadcast, telecast or written account of any curling event associated with the Rose City Curling Club.

By completing submission of this form, I confirm I have read, fully understood and accept all terms of the above statement and will not hold the Rose City Curling Club responsible for any injury, loss or damages.

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