Be a Volunteer

The Rose City Curling Club depends on the support and dedication of its members to help keep the curling club alive. As we look to the future, it will be “all hands on deck” to help sustain our curling community.

Last season, we were so impressed with the incredible volunteer presence that we had around the Curling Club. If we asked, you answered. We cannot begin to explain what that dedication means to us. If we are to operate properly this season, we will need that same level of volunteer commitment, if not more.

Volunteering is going to look a little different this year. We are no longer requiring a volunteer deposit from all members. However, there is still an expectation that everyone will help out when and in whatever way they are able. Unlike last season, we are looking to create several groups of volunteers that can be properly trained to help with one particular thing at the Curling Club. Each volunteer in the group will be asked to work several shifts, helping out with the job they have been specially trained for. Please take a read through the options below and let us know which one interests you!

We are looking for 25-35 people to be appropriately trained in all new bar protocol and to work 4-5 shifts throughout the season. Because of new restrictions put in place by Alberta Health Services, our bar will have to be operated in a very structured way. If you enjoy running the bar and are willing to learn more about the specifics, please sign up!
We are looking for 18-24 people to be properly trained to monitor the door and to collect Daily Self Assessments from all curlers before each draw. Ideally, volunteers would work in pairs to get everyone through the door as quickly and safely as possible. Sarah will work with all volunteers to ensure they understand their responsibilities.
We are looking for 18-24 people to help with our Return to Play rules and regulations monitoring. All league monitors will be trained in the new Return to Play rules and be responsible for helping members understand them. We aren’t looking to remove all the fun from the sport and we aren’t looking to get after curlers for making mistakes. This group would only be around to remind curlers if they continually make mistakes that could influence the health and safety of those around them.

Other Volunteer Opportunities

It’s possible that we might require volunteers for other odds and ends throughout the course of the season, but for the most part, we are hoping to have all members fit themselves into one of the categories above so that they can be appropriately trained.

The list below are some of the other volunteer options that may be available. This list is not exhaustive and we welcome other volunteering ideas if you have them:

  • Junior Curling
Share your curling knowledge and skill with our youth in the Little Rocker or Camrose Academy of Curling programs (TBD for 2020/2021 season)
  • Bonspiels/Social Events
Join our Membership Committee to help organize and run club events while sharing new and creative ideas that will make the club environment a fun experience
  • Recruitment
Keep our club alive for years to come by promoting club membership in new and innovative ways
  • Skills Development
If you are a seasoned curler, mentor your fellow curlers in learning more about the sport
  • Website/Social Media
Have a knack for getting people’s attention? Share your talent by letting others know what’s happening at the curling club
  • Ice Maintenance
Team up with our icemaker in grooming the ice to keep our ice surface one of the best
  • Fundraising
Join our Finance Committee to explore ideas internally and externally that will help generate the funds needed to support club projects
  • Board of Directors
Commit a few hours once a month to attend club meetings and be one of the decision makers for what happens at the club today and in the future
  • Other
Got another idea for volunteering? Let us know

All curlers are invited to help out as a volunteer. Talk to the Club Manager to confirm the volunteer duty you are interested in or send us a note with your comments through the form found on the Contact Us page.