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Are you looking to join one of Alberta's premier curling clubs? You'll find that regardless of age or skill level, we have a league for you! 

The Rose City Curling Club charges a fee per league registered in.  On top of the league fee there is an annual Club Membership Fee of $13 per curler to cover costs associated with Curling Alberta and Curling Canada affiliation fees, as well as liability insurance coverage fees. This fee is separate from League fees and will only be charged once per curling season. 

For individual League costs, please visit our Leagues page.

Drop in League - Punch Card


10 Game Punch Card - $100

Punch cards are good for the Tuesday/Thursday Adult Afternoon Drop In League. For more information about the league, please click on the link!



All Rose City Curling Club members who are playing in a league are permitted to spare in any other league, free of charge. If a curler wants to spare and are not curling in another league, they will need to register with a curler profile to have their name placed on the spare list for the leagues of their choice. Spares are required by Curling Alberta rules to pay a $13.00 club membership fee for the season to regularly spare in a curling club league.

Free Agency


The sport of curling is known as having one of the most inviting communities in the world. If your around the rink enough, chances are you will find a team to play with. In every curling club there are teams looking for an extra player, as well as individuals who are looking for a team to compete with. We have an easier way to get ahold of those looking for a team. Register your curler profile to have your name placed on the free agent list for the leagues of your choice. 

Discount for Students


The Rose City Curling Club offers discounted curling fees to junior and senior high school students as well as college/university students. For a team of junior and/or senior high school students to enter a league, the cost is $170 per individual or $680 per team (club membership fee x 4 players is included). A team of college or university students registered in a league is $250 per individual or $1000 per team (club membership fee x 4 players is included). If a student wants to enter into a league with other non-student curlers (for example, their parents), the fee for the league will be adjusted using the same percentage as if they were curling with a student team. These discounts will automatically be applied in the online registration system when enrolling a student in a league. 

Multi-League Discount


The Multi-League discount is a brand new offer made by the Rose City Curling Club! Designed to promote curling to those who love the sport and want to curl more without breaking the bank. We offer a 50% deduction on your second league at the RCCC. This will not apply to the cost of the Tuesday night or Thursday night leagues if the Doubles League if that is your first league (The discount will always apply to the cheaper league fee)

Check out our league page for details on each league!


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The Rose City Curling Club supports the physical, mental and social well-being of our community members by promoting curling programs for all ages, abilities and skill levels.
We aim to reach into and take part in the vibrant community of Camrose by creating and operating exciting public events for everyone to enjoy!
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